Best Solar Systems in Canberra

Are you looking for a solar power systems & solar panel systems in Canberra from a local trusted company with local support?

Insulpro is a Canberra based solar power systems and solar energy company delivering quality energy efficiency solutions to Canberran’s since 2014.

Insulpro has one of Canberra’s most trusted and experienced solar installers. Our Certified Solar Electrician has been installing for large interstate companies for many years. Now you get his expertise, knowledge and face to face service along with the same quality products at a much better price. By choosing Insulpro for your solar, in addition to a quality install, you’ll have our local support and assistance and a level of customer service that the larger interstate companies just cannot provide.

At Insulpro we understand that purchasing solar is a costly decision and one that you want to make wisely to get the absolute best value for your money. Solar can be complex, but at Insulpro, we make it simple. Our friendly team can provide you with the right advice on the end-to-end solar installation process, from picking the right system for your home, ensuring your system is fully functional and exporting to the grid, through to comprehensive post-install support. We only use premium solar panel and inverter brands to ensure that your solar will last for 25+ years on your roof.

We’re also here to help you understand how the solar system process works, and what will be installed on your roof. We will talk to you about solar basics, from the optimal solar panel direction and angle, through to the second component of your install, the inverter. Some system costs can increase if you need a switchboard upgrade or other electrical work done to make your home suitable for solar, or if the design of your home makes the install more difficult. From the moment you contact us, we will endeavour to be up-front about all the costs involved in getting a solar system installed on your roof.

At Insulpro we also understand that you want to be ready for future advances to solar energy solutions, such as battery storage. We can even help you get battery ready, or build and install your battery for you.

Besides that, at Insulpro, we are passionate about helping you lower your electricity bills and make your home greener.

Most Importantly, before you commit, you can call our friendly staff to talk through solar and how it can work for you. Insulpro is in the know… 

There are many different options and products available on the market for Solar systems in Canberra area, because as a consumer it can be very confusing with the amount of information out there and knowing what options are best for you and your budget.

Lets us take the hard work out of it for you. Our Solar System Experts has been installing Solar Systems in Canberra for many years. They have complied the list below of products they believes are of best quality at the best prices. There is a range to suit all budget types. You can check out our package deals for a standardized solar systems canberra.

We have Chosen these products as there performance is superior. They are leaders in the Solar system industry and each of these is an established Australian subsidiary company, meaning all support and supplies are located here in Australia.

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