Solar Panel Cleaning and Health Check

Solar panel cleaning Canberra

Are you getting the absolute best out of you solar system? Have you considered a Solar panel cleaning canberra and the health check of the panel?

A Health Check can prevent your system from an unwanted issues or performance problems. Send us an enquiry today and we can organise an Accredited Solar Electrician to ensure your system is safe and performing it’s best.

Give us a call or send us an enquiry if you would like to organise a credited solar electrician to perform a health check on your system and organise a solar panel cleaning.

  • The panels will be cleaned and checked for any defects.
  • Clean the solar array to get rid of any dust or dirt, this will improve performance.
  • Testing of the AC/DC Isolation switches to check that they are all in working order.
  • Testing of the array voltage, to ensure it is functioning within the correct parameters.
  • Check all wiring to ensure you system is electrical safe.
  • Advise you of potential safety or performance issues.
  • Report to you, the performance of your system
    solar panel cleaning

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