Roof insulation Removal and Vacuuming

Not sure if you’re getting the best out of your insulation?

Have some old loose fill insulation that just doesn’t seem to be doing anything?

The best place to start before you consider any insulation is your roof.

  • Uninsulated homes lose about 40% of heat through the roof.
  • Old loose fill insulation has probably broken down and will no longer be providing much if any benefit.
  • Old style loose fill insulation is the prefect breeding ground for rodents and other pests
  • Standard R4 Ceiling Insulation can increase the Star energy rating by 2.2 stars
  • On average, R4 ceiling insulation reduces energy bills by 20%

In our experience, the majority of older Canberra homes are typically filled with loose fill insulation. We recommend the removal of loose fill insulation before doing an upgrade, as it is the perfect breeding ground for pests and modern insulation standards are far superior with a much longer lifespan than older methods.

Blow-in or loose fill insulation can easily be removed using our specialised equipment.  No job is too big or small, and our qualified employees can ensure your roof is tidy before re-laying your New Earthwool Insulation Batts.

Our roof vacuum service is designed to remove the bulk of existing loose fill in your roof cavity and has the added benefit of removing other dust and debris at the same time (although some minor remnants can remain due to the specific design of the large vacuums).

Insulpro offers this service for residential and commercial properties, and have worked with local business, schools and commercial properties to promote a healthy future for all Canberra properties and their residents.

To learn more about the pricing and benefits of roof vacuuming, call us today for an obligation free quote.

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