Insulation For New Homes

Why should you use Insulpro to insulate you new home?

  • Insulpro has established relationships with multiple building companies in the ACT and NSW
  • Insulpro is knowledgeable on insulation building requirements for new homes in the ACT and NSW
  • We are members of the HIA (Housing Industry Association)
  • We are IRE compliance certified (Industrial Relations and Employment Certificate)
  • We understand the nature and complexity associated with organising new builds – we show up when we say we will!
  • All our staff are employed by us – no outside contractors or cowboys!

What all this means for you is that you is that you can be assured you are contracting a company that has been through all its checks and balances.

We follow correct legislation and all our staff are trained in the appropriate regulations.

For all new homes, state and local building codes will often mandate your minimum insulation requirements. However, if you’re trying to achieve an energy efficient home, you will likely want to exceed those mandates.

We would recommend checking these codes prior to commencing your build, you can easily check these requirements at or feel free to give us a call and we can advise an appropriate solution.

It is more cost effective to add insulation during construction than to retro fit it once your property is complete. Our team of professionals will inspect your property or plans and will advise the best insulation solution for your home.

Our Products for New Builds

  • Kauff EarthWool® Celling Batts
  • Kauff EarthWool® Wall Batts
  • Kauff EarthWool® Underfloor Batts
  • Kauff EarthWool® Sound Proofing batts

Product Specifications

Insulpro uses the Kauff EarthWool® Batts; it is a new generation of softer, safer and more environmentally friendly glass wool insulation.

EarthWool is:

  • rot-proof,
  • odourless,
  • non-hydroscopic,
  • Does not sustain vermin and will not encourage growth of fungi, mould or bacteria.
  • It is chemically neutral, does not contain impurities and
  • Comes with a 50 year warranty, the perfect solution for your energy efficient, healthy home.

Please make an enquiry or email us your plans if you’d like a quote, price list or to discuss your new Build Insulation works.

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